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Entrance to Aspen Community School
Aspen Community School

Offering exceptional K-8 education in a small, public charter school.

Teacher watching students as they play a game at a table

Providing a strong, authentic connection between teachers and students. Community is woven into the fabric of everything we do at ACS, across grades and across ages.

Students and faculty gathered around in a room
Experiential Education

Educational experiences at ACS happen inside and outside the classroom, building on the pillars of our school philosophy.

Students at a table working on art projects
The Arts

At ACS, we believe in the power of art. Not only do the visual and performing arts allow us to experience the joy of human expression, studies show that flexing the imagination lowers stress, promotes deep focus and provides a safe space to process emotions.

Teacher sitting at a table with students
Small by Design

Our school is small by design. Combining small groups of students with highly trained, passionate teachers, we strive to make a difference academically and socially in the lives of every ACS student.

Only at Aspen Community School

We believe in lifelong learning.

When students graduate from ACS they stand in front of the school community and talk about who they are and what they believe. We are proud of the common thread in our graduates’ remarks: a strong desire to learn and to engage in self-discovery, and a belief that the world can be a better place with hard work and a positive attitude. We begin this work in Kindergarten and design these values to last a lifetime.

children in kindergarten class doing work at desks

Principal of Aspen Community School

Welcome to the Aspen Community School!

When you walk through the front door of our school to enter the Central Area, you will notice something different. You will be greeted by students and teachers alike. Our walls tell a story of excellence — covered with student artwork, photographs of beloved teachers and past students, our vision for social emotional wellness, and academic awards. A feeling of belonging radiates throughout the building. Our school is built on the ideal that students learn best when they feel safe to take the risks that are necessary to learn, welcomed into the community, and included in their education. Selecting a school for your child is an incredibly important decision. We hope our website will give you a sense of our commitment and approach to creating learning environments where every student has the opportunity to shine. Yet, the best way to truly see our school is in person. I encourage you to learn more about our school by scheduling a tour.

Casey White
Principal, ACS

Principal Blog

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Our Mission

To foster lifelong learning and empower individuals to take responsibility for themselves, their learning and their community.

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Integrated Curriculum

Educational experiences at ACS happen inside and outside the classroom.

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School Life

Learning in community is an all-in experience that includes traditions for families as well as students.

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Board of Directors

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